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(See also contents pages and synoptic table of contents.)

The sample pages are in pdf format, and require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or similar software to view. The Adobe reader uses an ActiveX control which your browser must permit.

Sample page 1. Preface: what is "cultural" about mathematics and science

Sample page 2. Indian Rope Trick: Or why the humble Indian rope is a superior substitute for the ritualised geometry box.

Sample page 3. Partial overview of the thousand-year background to infinite series in India.

Sample page 4. The sine and cosine series in India.

Sample page 5. The spherical earth in Indian tradition: or how superstitions were refuted in India up to the 10th c. CE.

Sample page 6. Accuracy of the kamāl: the navigational instrument used by the Indian (Malemo Cana [Kanha]) who navigated Vasco da Gama from Melinde to Calicut.

Sample page 7. Navigational skills of Columbus and Vasco.

Sample page 8. An index page.


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