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Euclid and Jesus now on Amazon

Monday, May 6th, 2013

The subtitle is: How and why the church changed mathematics and Christianity across two religious wars.

The book explains the relation of present-day school mathematics to the politico-religious beliefs of the church.

The book is finally available on as both paperback and ebook.

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Euclid and Jesus cover

Mathematics in refugee camps

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Of what use is mathematics in refugee camps? And its history and philosophy? Explaining this was a tough challenge.

P.S. Here is a video summary:,

and on the Campus in Camps website:

Talk in Campus in camps

The talk at Campus in Camps


History and Philosophy of Science: a new course

Monday, May 6th, 2013

This new course is a world first. It was formulated after an intensive curriculum deelopment workshop already mentioned in an earlier blog.

The West has systematically produced false history as propaganda to glorify itself and belittle others. This has further resulted in a bad philosophy of science and math. Typical courses in HPS in Western universities blank out the non-West. Western academics (like Wikipedists) seem incapable of debating the point seriously: they merely strike superior poses, pile on the falsehoods, vilify, censor, etc. Clearly they aim for the dim-witted and gullible.

For example, Kuhn’s “Copernican revolution” was written AFTER it became known to Western scholars that Copernicus was merely a priest who copied Ibn Shatir’s work from its Greek translation (available in the Vatican) and was too frightened of the Inquisition to acknowledge his non-Christian sources . As for the myth of Claudius Ptolemy, the Almagest is manifestly an accretive work with the current pole star at the head of its star list, and some parameters given to an accuracy of 13 decimal places, while the length of the year is wrong in the second decimal place. Indeed, Greeks and Romans were a superstitious lot who regarded astronomy as a crime, and punished it with death, as in the case of Socrates or Anaxagoras. The Julian calendar reformed the Greek, but remained hopelsssly unscientific (as the Gregorian still is). The wrong length of the year in it for centuries proves the Greeks and Romans never had any access to any advanced astronomy! (Hence, the long-standing confusion about the dates of Easter; they have just celebrated Easter in Palestine in May.)

Likewise the tale of the Newtonian revolution is bunkum. As I have shown in my book on Cultural Foundations of Mathematics, the calculus developed in India over a thousand year period, and was imported to Europe by Jesuits based in Cochin. Europeans, with their primitive and religious understanding of mathematics, failed to understand the infinite series and blundered like Descartes or even Newton with his “fluxions”.

The truth comes out from simple things like the inability of Westerners to measure the size of the earth until 1672, which is something that was well known in the non-West, from more than a thousand years earlier, at least since Aryabhata (5th c.), Bhaskara I (7th c.), al Mamun (9th c.), al Biruni (10th c.) etc, and probably since the Egyptians.

Unlike the parochial HPS courses in Western universities, the new HPS course suits the international character of the students of AlBukhary International University. Here the students of the new HPS course take a trip near equinox to see how simple it is to measure the size of the earth, so they can have a good laugh at those false Western tales.

Students of AlBukhary International University setting out to measure the earth

At the observation point, after sunset

The “God” particle and creationism

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Wow, the reports makes people believe that scientists have experimentally demonstrated the existence of God and the church notion of creation! Discount those people (who believe this) as gullible idiots if you like, but that is the constituency.Article on god particle