Decolonisation of education (Math, science, and History and philosophy of science) links

New videos

Here is a link to a video interview (over 9 hours) with Claude Alvares on a variety of issues concerning decolonisation of education. This has been posted by Multiversity TV, and I should have posted it long ago on my blog.


History and Philosophy of Science

Part 5 of the above video series has interviews with students of the new “decolonised” course on History and Philosophy of Science (HPS). Some details of the new course, pictures of students etc. were earlier posted on this blog at

The genesis of the HPS curriculum, the international conference which preceded it, and minutes of discussion at Universiti Sains Malaysia are posted at

The actual curriculum of the courses which ran at AiU are posted at



Math education

As for math education, my experiments with my decolonised course on calculus have already been reported in scholarly articles such as

Teaching math with a different philosophy 1 and

Teaching math with a different philosophy 2

More details,  pictures of some of the students of this course in Sarnath, Tehran, and Ambedkar University Delhi, and links to other papers are at


Recent presentations on decolonising math and science education have been posted.

Tehran Feb 2014

–Tehran day-long talk on “Decolonising math education” Feb 2014 (see especially the table on how science changes if math does)

–Helsinki talks on “Decolonising math and science education”, August 2013

Helsinki meet Aug 2013

–Wardha talk on “Swaraj in thought” Dec 2011

–Penang talk on “Decolonising math and science”, 2011

Related paper“Decolonising math and science”. In Decolonizing our Universities, Claude Alvares and Shad Faruqi ed., Citizens International and USM, 2012, chp. 13, pp. 162-195,

Video of the talk is first 34 minutes of the one at


Articles in Dainik Bhaskar

Dainik Bhaskar, 9 June 2012

Dainik Bhaskar, 13 April 2012

(For English versions of these, see the links at

Related discussion of the decolonisation paper in the press in Malaysia

Other press reports

Mathematics? No problem! New Strait Times, Malaysia, 24 July 2011.

Escaping the clutches of colonisation New Sunday Times, 17 July 2011, p. H1, p. H2, p. H3.,,

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