• Aix-en-Provence talk on Time, physics, history see also abstract of talk at University of Aix-en-Provence, 2009. (On Newton's mistake about time and Einstein's.)
  • Talk at IIT: Ahmedabad IIT Gandhinagar, 10-11 April 2010. "Dark Matter and Dark Energy" . (See also, new "law" of gravity, which explains galactic structure and the NASA flyby anomaly.)
  • Tehran talk on Academic Imperialism Tehran talk on Academic Imperialism, May 2010. Now a booklet. See draft, and some details of new booklet.
  • TGA-acceptance speech TGA Acceptance speech, June 2010. part 1. On Einstein's mistake and Atiyah's.
  • TGA acceptance speech, part 2.
  • Ending Western hegemony in hard sciences.
  • Making math easy
  • The myths of Ptolemy and Copernicus (talk at Maragheh, full video being uploaded, right now only self-introduction)
  • Talk on decolonising math and science education (first 34 mins)
  • Goodbye Euclid! 1 Goodbye Euclid! (part 1)
  • Goodbye Euclid! 2 Goodbye Euclid! (part 2)
  • Goodbye Euclid! 3 Goodbye Euclid! (part 3)

Other videos on science and religion


  • Video of talk at al Zahra university on Islam and science (In English with Farsi translation.)
  • Speech to Supreme Assembly of Hekmat Islami, Qom, that Christian dogma has influenced modern science, (In English with Farsi translation.)