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Why does California want to cancel the calculus?

Because the calculus is difficult. Why? Because Europeans stole it, and hence, like cheats in an exam, they failed to fully understand it.

Matteo Ricci handwritten letter from 1581
Snippet of handwritten letter from Matteo Ricci (Cochin, 1581) just before Clavius’ 1582 Gregorian reform of the calendar, which itself was needed for European navigation (latitude determination in daytime). Ricci speaks of getting Indian calendrical knowledge from an “honest Moor or an intelligent Brahmin”. See, Cultural Foundations of Mathematics, Pearson Longman 2007. Europeans stole Indian calculus and its ultra-precise trigonometric values for their navigational needs: determining latitude, longitude, loxodromes.

Why does California want to “cancel” the calculus? Because the calculus is difficult. Why? (Read this article.) Because Europeans stole the calculus, and knowledge thieves fail to fully understand what they steal, just like students who cheat in an exam. See also this video of a talk at MIT and the abstract.

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