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Goodbye Euclid!

This talk announced below was to have been webcast live.
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Update: The videos were long ago taken down by USM, and my versions do not work any more.

The videos are now posted at

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Anyway, the video is now online at the USM website at

My version is at

There are no subtitles so I should perhaps explain that the persons on the dais are (from left to right) Prof. Tan Sri Dato’ Dzulkifli Razak, VC, USM, CKR, Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah, Deputy Minister for Higher Education, Malaysia, S. M. Mohammed Idris, Chairman, Citizens International, and Prof. Ahmad Shukri, Deputy VC, USM.

Don’t miss out the prize I have offered of RM 10,000 (about USD 3300) for reliable primary evidence on Euclid (with the caveats attached). The prize is at Or see the slides at

The long comment (about Needham) was very strange, and I did not want to be rude. But, on second thoughts, that is what I should have done, and that is what I should do in future.

Of course Needham studied the scientific revolution, and not the industrial revolution. The questioner was afraid to use the right term, since I have already shown that the Copernican revolution and the Newtonian revolution are bogus.

Consider the situation reciprocally. If one centre on China and one studying Eastern philosophy are adequate (and these studies would be required for strategic reasons as well), then let us purge all western philosophy and history from our syllabi, and restrict its study to one centre per country.

Finally, if history can be useful even if false, we should strike down the laws on defamation, for anyone could defame anyone else, and then claim that falsehoods could be useful!

Related reading material on Euclid:

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(Some people may also be interested in the second part“Towards Equity in Math Education 2. The Indian Rope Trick”, Bharatiya Samajik Chintan 7 (4) (New Series) (2009) pp. 265–269, at

2. “Teaching racist history”, Indian Journal of Secularism 11(4) (2008) 25-28.

3. A newspaper article on this in Hindi, in Jansatta 23 Jan 2008, ed. page, at

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