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D. D. Kosambi: in memoriam

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

31 July 2008 is D. D. Kosambi’s 101st birthday.

This is surely an occasion for historians to remember, because of Kosambi’s stature as a historian. His as-yet unmatched knowledge of languages and Indian culture (both “high” and “low”) gave tremendous depth to his pioneering account of Indian history from a Marxist perspective, which was refreshingly free of jargon, and so robustly down-to-earth.

However, Kosambi‚Äôs primary job was as a mathematician. So, this is also an occasion for other academicians in India—particularly mathematicians and scientists—to introspect. The recognized big names in Indian science (Ramanujam, S. N. Bose, K. S. Krishnan/C. V. Raman, S. Chandrasekhar) did their work in the pre-independence era. Why so few science achievers in post-independence India? (more…)