Protest against racist censorship

False history of the kind that “Much, though certainly not all, mathematics was the creation of dead white men” has been traditionally used to defend racism. My Euclid challenge prize for Rs 2 lakhs is offered to demonstrate that this racist history is based on faith not any facts. Therefore, the only way to save that rotten history is to prevent its articulation. Hence the Conversation took down my article “To decolonise math, stand up to its false history and bad philosophy.” Here are two protest letters and an article.

1.Protest letter to Conversation from Decolonial International Network

2. Protest letter from Mr S. M. Mohamed Idris, Chairman, Citizens International, to International Association of Universities.

3. Note on censorship of decolonised math.

As a mark of protest against this censorship do reproduce theĀ  original article re-posted at Or link to it. Feel free to reproduce the protest letters, and the link to theĀ  the false reasons used by Conversation to justify the censorship. The email from Conversation stating the silly “editorial reasons” for taking down the article is here. The real reason of course is the rage of the whites in South Africa, and their complete inability to respond to my points at an academic level

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