Cape Town “debate” exposes Stephen Hawking’s racist co-author

The panel discussion at the University of Cape Town (UCT) achieved something important: it exposed Stephen Hawking’s co-author G. F. R. Ellis, a star of the racist apartheid regime. He ran away from UCT debate, because he could not defend through open debate the awful church propaganda he along with Hawking and some others have been trying to promote as great science.

My long-standing critique of the book Large Scale Structure of Spacetime, by Stephen Hawking and G. F. Ellis is in my book the Eleven Pictures of Time (Sage, 2003). The critique is this: Hawking and Ellis use bad math (bad calculus) to support church dogma. They interpret a cosmological singularity as a moment of Christian creation, as in the Bible story. That is the bottom line of their book:

the actual point of creation, the singularity, is outside the scope of the present-day laws of physics”.

In his popular book Brief History of Time, Hawking explained this further. The breakdown of the laws of physics at the “moment of creation” would leave God free to create the laws and world of his choice. For this piece of trash, Ellis got the million dollar Templeton award for putting together science and religion.

Tipler, who published in the “reputed” journal Nature, furthered this trash thesis. He said singularity theory proved

“Judeo Christian theology is part of physics”!

More recently, I tried to explain some of the implications of such claims in my review of Hawking’s latest book, which review was published as a full-page article in the newspaper DNA as “The Christian propaganda in Hawking’s work”.

These singularities involve bad math in two ways.

(1)  Hawking and Ellis use a bad postulate (chronology condition, exactly like the church curse on ‘cyclic’ time, which postulate they justify using Augustine’s bad critique of Origen).

(2) Secondly, they use a bad understanding of calculus (that differentiating a discontinuous function leads to singularities on the equations of general relativity).

Long ago, in 1997, I debated these aspects of singularity theory publicly with Roger Penrose, and no one could refute my published arguments for the past 15 years.

Specifically, I explained long ago (in 1988) how singularities in general relativity can be easily handled using non-standard analysis. More recently, I explained, as in the appendix to Cultural Foundations of Mathematics, that the non-standard analysis can be replaced simply by non-Archimedean arithmetic with which the Indian calculus developed.

I recapitulated the above arguments in the UCT panel discussion. The point was to explain how bad math is used to create bad science. I expected to debate further in the math department, the next day, on the technical aspects as my abstract shows.

But Ellis was frightened sick at the prospect of an open debate with me would crush his lifework. He was also afraid that would expose him. He knows he is mathematically too incompetent to tackle the points such as non-standard analysis raised by me.

So, he resorted to a simple but unethical device within his technical competence: he used his student Jeff Murugan as a sock puppet to hurl falsehoods at me through the press. To me this reveals Ellis’ true character as a racist and a charlatan: he well knew what he wrote with Stephen Hawking is all false and written just to fool people. Surely Stephen Hawking did too.

Church and racists use similar tactics: they defend one lie by means of a thousand lies. The fresh set of lies against me were planted in a report in GroundUp.

But racists tell stupid lies.

Thus, the lie on which racism is based (that white-skinned people are superior) is not just a lie, it is a STUPID lie. The proves that racists are stupid nitwits who believe that all others are as stupid as themselves so that any such moronic lie they tell will be believed by others.

Similarly, the lies planted in the GroundUp report were crude: they did not bother to get my side, nor did they allow me to respond. They did not want their lies to be contaminated with any truth! But anyone can see that.

The report called me a conspiracy theorist. But what theory of mine do they refer to? Obviously, racist lies need no evidence: one racist dog barked “conspiracy theory” and all others howled in unison! That is the tactic of these racist dogs. But look at the facts.

Here is an acknowledgment to my work in the Notices of the American Mathematical Society. The context was as follows. Delivering a special lecture on the centenary of Einstein’s relativity paper, in 2005, Michael Atiyah, President of the Royal Society, and a top-rated mathematician, reproduced my correction to Einstein (to use retarded differential equations), and said “don’t forget I suggested it”. Even after he was personally informed of my books and prior work, he again got published an article in the Notices of the AMS repeating his claim “don’t forget I suggested it”. On the doctrine of Christian discovery, Westerners have a right to steal from others; AMS ethics are waived for them, they have the freedom to acknowledge it later and only if they are caught.

But just see how funny it is. The top mathematicians of the world caught repeatedly plagiarising from a conspiracy theorist! He did not have the minimum competence even to know from whom to plagiarise! In the language racists might understand, “har har, har har de har!” Bark away you racist dogs!

The GroundUp report justified the teaching of metaphysical invisible points as “infinitesimal”. Of course he did not understand the difference between abstraction and metaphysics (invisible points) . But the foolish reporter and his equally foolish mathematics advisor did not even know that present-day university calculus uses formal real numbers which have no infinitesimals. Ha Ha. Non-Archimedean arithmetic, which I advocate, does use them. But even Newton never understood that aspect of the Indian calculus. So, how can a two-bit racist reporter or his mathematical advisor to understand it?

Let us move on now to Jeff Murugan, from the UCT math department, who is cited in the GroundUp report. He is the sock puppet of his teacher and benefactor Ellis. A Christian chauvinist  he desperately tried to defend the rotten Christian propaganda of Hawking and Ellis. He called me a Hindu nationalist. What evidence does Jeff Murugan, have that I am even a Hindu? He has no more evidence than anyone in UCT could provide evidence for the rotten story of a white-skinned Euclid. But sock-puppets don’t care about evidence; they do what they are told to do.

My method of teaching calculus teaches elliptic integrals and elliptic functions.  Anyone can check that from the above link to the tutorial sheet of the course on calculus I teach at SGT University. Elliptic integrals are too advanced to be taught in typical calculus courses:  Murugan’s students would NOT be able to do the tutorial.  Jeff Murugan miserably lies when he calls this Bantuization! Ha, Ha! Either he is terribly incompetent as a mathematician, and should be sacked, or he is telling terribly incompetent lies  to prevent Blacks from progressing through a reformed teaching of mathematics (in which case too he should be sacked). He is the one who wants Blacks to remain Bantuized by using lies to try to derail their search for better solutions.

Ellis advocated, in the same GroundUp report that people should trust authority: they should be foolish enough to listen to people like him who lived comfortably through the racist regime and its lies. They should listen to his sock-puppet  Murugan and again become victims of stupid lies! This is the same authority which “benefited” blacks during apartheid!

But Ellis made a silly mistake: my critique of the book he co-authored with Stephen Hawking was published 15 years ago. Anyone can check that. Very unethically, Ellis did not reveal his conflict of interests. He did not acknowledge that he had been unable to respond to my published critique for decades. But anyone can check that:  ha, ha!

People like Ellis can respond only in sheltered environment of a captive news portals and other such protected forums where I am not permitted to respond back so they can say any nonsense they like! They cannot argue publicly for fear of being exposed, and their authority undermined. But Ellis has anyway exposed himself with his response through a press report, calculated to fool only the morons.

And was Stephen Hawking innocent for associating with this racist from South Africa, during apartheid, which association was unethical then and also banned?

Anyway, the clear lesson for Blacks is this: DON”T TRUST THE AUTHORITIES.  Don’t trust fellows like Ellis and Murugan. Check out what I have said above. There are many house slaves like Jeff Murugan who will happily “sell you down the river” for their small personal advantage. Decolonisation requires rejecting such “guidance” and making independent decisions.

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