The religious bias in mathematics and science

The following papers were published in July on my teaching experiments on calculus. (Should have blogged about it long ago.)

“Teaching mathematics with a new philosophy”, 

Formal mathematics is difficult because of the church metaphysics in it, which has nil practical value. The simple solution is to teach calculus for practical purposes, the way it historically developed in India, together with the philosophy of zeroism. It works!

This religious bias in mathematics crept into Newtonian physics through calculus in a subtle way, and into Stephen Hawking’s singularity theory in a not so subtle way.


Hawking’s singularities are about the failure of the metric tensor to be twice continuously differentiable. This is absurdly interpreted by Hawking to mean a “moment of creation”,  at which the “laws” of physics fail! See the earlier blog on Hawking.


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