FIRST interview
Interview on formal math (4 pages)
BD interview
Interview (Hindi) 6 pages.
Pioneer article
Teach ganita not math (Pioneer, 9 July 2015)
Article in Hindu
Decolonising math The Hindu 24 Oct 2014. Original Teach religiously neutral math
Hindu article: Vedic math
No Vedic math (The Hindu> 3 Sep 2014)
Jansatta article on Vedic math
No Vedic math (Jansatta10 Aug 2014, p. 17.
CAP press conference
MH370: structural failure. 30 March 2014
MH-370 report (Chinese)
MH-370 report (Chinese)
Naidunia article
Teach secular ganita (original title). Corrects earlier reports of my speech.
Naidunia report: Yoga, mathe and ganita
Naidunia (incorrect) report: Yoga, math, and ganita
Al-Ayyam report
Al Ayyam report
DNA Schrodinger's cat
Schrodinger's catDaily News and Analysis, 18 Nov 2012, p. 14
Jabalpur school
Jabalpur interaction with school students
Jabalpur report
Jabalpur report
Press release RGT
Press release, Retarded Gravitation Theory
Which math are we celebrating?
Which math are we celebrating? (Dainik Bhaskar 13 April 2012)
Reimagining science
Reimagining science (New Strait Times, Malaysia, 3 pages)
HPS Workshop report in Alef
Report on HPS workshp (Aleph>, Iran)
Open source report
A report on open source proposals.
Math made easy
Math made easy (New Strait Times, Malaysia, 24 July 2011)
Reimagining the university
Reimagining the university(New Strait Times, Malaysia, 17 July 2011)
Conversations in the Sun
Conversations in the Sun22 clippings, July-September 2011.
The new Restoran Raju in Petaling Jaya!
The new Restoran Raju!(Sun, Malaysia, 12 July 2011)
Decolonisation begins with us
Decolonisation begins with us (Editorial, Sun, Malaysia, 1 July 2011)
Stephen Hawking's Christian propaganda
Stephen Hawking's Christian propaganda (DNA, 16 Jan 2011)
Report in Pioneer on TGA Award
Report on TGA Award (Pioneer, 12 June 2010)
Hindustan Times 8 June 2010
Dainik Bhaskar 8 June 2010
Dainik Bhaskar8 June 2010
Hindu review
Review of Cultural Foundations of Mathematics in The Hindu 12 Feb 2008.
Atiyah case
President of the Royal Society tries to grab credit for my work (twice).
HT retraction
The serial plagiarists strike again! Retraction, Hindustan Times 25 Aug 2007.
Prof. Raju's charge of plagiarism found correct
Report of earlier plagiarism of calculus transmission thesis. 8 Nov 2004.
"Sudden spate of European inventions"Hindustan Times 15 Sep 2004
Were Newton and Einstein plagiarists
Were Newton and Einstein plagiarists?Hindustan Times 14 Sep 2004
Jansatta article
Article on The Eleven Pictures of Time in Jansatta 4 Jan 2004
Hindu report 18-Sep-2003
Interview 18 Sep 2003. Front page Hindu Metro Plus
HT interview 2001
Interview, Hindustan Times 8 Oct 2001.